School Programs

Programs: The Children’s House Montessori School offers high-quality education for students from 2.9 years old thru Kindergarten.

Pre-Primary/Preschool/Transition to Kindergarten 2.9-6 years old

Full Day: 8 AM-3:30 PM

Half Day: 8 AM-12:30 PM

5, 4, or 3 days (M/T/W or W/Th/F)


Extended Daycare

Our extended daycare program offers quality childcare for enrolled students before and after school, with opportunities such as relaxed play time, quiet homework space (as needed), games, craft activities, a snack, music, and indoor toys and games, supervised by an individual who can follow through on the school ’s Montessori approach.

Summer School Program

Our summer school program offers quality childcare for children 2.9 years through elementary school. Summer school is split into week or two week long sessions during which a specific theme is studied in a fun, interesting, and educational way. The information and activities are tailored to the levels and abilities of the children and presented using the Montessori approach, in a Montessori classroom, by Montessori trained staff members. Children can choose to enroll in our program for the entire summer or enroll in specific sessions.